English statements and introduction

Document attached: Denmark-Intro-EN


How many lines are lost when I cut horizontally in the reading direction? How many values do I cut up into strips, how many lies do I compress into fossils in moments of powerlessness with off in the distance the wall of petrified reading matter?


The flow of information (multa) is – like the light – endless. Stopping this flow is not possible. The human brain, which contains billions of neurons, keeps on abstracting restlessly, synthesising, classifying,… and much more.

For myself, one way of understanding my work is as a mental journey through life, of progressively and expressively putting information into perspective and reducing it, searching for the essence (multum), which is constantly revised. A matter of time. Such as the fading of the paper, in which I can forget myself and, with no paintbrushes, watch how the light sets slowly, how time prints its shadow.


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