The artist

Since the seventies, Denmark uses rejected printed products such as newspapers, magazines, books and all kind of archives. The artist lives and works in Prouvy, Belgium.

How many newspapers and magazines do people throw out every day? How many unread masterpieces appear on your bookshelf? How many old exams and assignments are gathering dust in attics of schools? For the past 50 years, the Belgian artist Denmark – the pseudonym of Marc Robbroeckx – has transformed tonnes of printed paper into art. He creates sculptures and installations using books, newspapers and magazines. His main ingredient is always paper – cut, pressed, stacked, or folded.


At a time when we are flooded with information and ‘fake news’, the work of Denmark provides food for thought. He ritually and systematically silences and ‘gags’ books, newspapers and magazines, rendering the original content mute. His works become memorials of our information culture, forced into silence.


Denmark’s work has been featured in a wide range of exhibitions in national and international galleries and museums.


Author: Koen Van der Schaeghe